There are many out there who offer direct mail leads.

The secret sauce most don’t want to talk about is that which involves constant maintenance of your list.

Like any list, the easiest thing would be to hatch your eggs, meaning, once you have a lead in your database the obvious will be to keep it there for good, because you already paid to collect the information, which is a tedious and costly operation.

But at Homeowners Marketing Services, we have operated since 1967 and we’re still in the market place, because we’re doing just the opposite of that.

Every week, sometimes daily, we cross check all our information against multiple data points such as phones, address changes etc etc.

We make sure to update each lead’s information and even remove them if we had found an issue over time (such as mail delivery problem).

We make sure that when you come to us for quality leads, this is exactly what you will get.
However, that brings to light another important point: you must exercise your campaign and reach those leads as soon as you can.
From a marketing standpoint; you want to wait no more than few days between getting the list and mailing your new prospects. This is because they like you have a life and run their course making purchase decision.
From a list quality standpoint; you do not want to wait more than few weeks, to avoid changes to their information from impacting your effort.

The bottom line, an effective campaign is one which can be performed within days of receiving our list, and to further support you in that, we can provide mail-ready peel-stick labels which can be immediately applied to postcards or letters.

What we guarantee is that you’ll get the most accurate and reliable list possible. Why? because we’ve been around for 40 years, and we would like to be there for another 40.
The only way to do that, is providing you with a list that delivers.

Questions? Call us today. Our experts are waiting to answer any question or concern you might have.