Area sheets provide information about the weekly & monthly quantities expected in target areas across the country.

It holds priceless marketing power and is available to you at no charge. It does take a bit of work to read through. If you’d rather talk to one of our consultants and have them help you locate your relevant marketing stats, use the widget on the right to facilitate a call.

Consulting is free of charge.
Below find information on how to read this valuable marketing statistics that is gathered and updated year round.

For example, if you provide roofing services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you can estimate the potential number of new homebuyers in your area, who have just moved into their purchased home and are very likely to need a roofing job or at least an inspection and your business card for future contact.

So how do you estimate how many leads we can provide you?
You navigate to your target area, in our example, the Florida area sheet .

Let’s also say our roofer provides services as far and wide as the entire Broward county;

Florida Area Sheet, Broward County

Example: Area Sheet, Florida, Broward County


The first number to the left says you can get 436 new homeowners each week in your service area. The one below it holds the monthly quantity of 1,887 new homeowners per month.

This way you can estimate the great value of this mailing list. For pennies you can reach someone who is actually inclined to be interested in your offer.

Compare that to putting your offer in a mailer that reaches “residents” who may be renters, or even people who have been in that home for years and have no immediate need for your services as a new homebuyer has as they move into their newly purchased property.

If you wish to reach all homes purchased, whether owner occupied or not, the numbers to the right hold that quantity. In our example you can see Broward county offers 641 newly purchased properties per week, or 2,768 per month.


The marketing freedom is yours.

We are here to empower you in reaching the best target audience in the most cost effective way.

Call us today and let us help you build an effective marketing strategy, no strings attached.

You can also CLICK HERE to access these pages in PDF form, available for free download. We hope you enjoy this valuable data.


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